About Doctor Ibrah

 My name is Dr Ibrah, before I became African Healer, I went by the name of Ibrah Muswati. I was just a young man who was born in Uganda East Africa in a village located within Kagera region. The first time I sensed I was a what everyone in East Africa call Mulozi aka African Witch Doctor or just a witch I was already a teenager. I was coming from school at around 1:30 pm East African Time, I was with my school mate who always waited for me so we can walk together home. From nowhere I asked him whether it  was possible to cast a spell without a formal training from a qualified African healer?. My friend stopped walking, looked at me and asked what was that even mean!, what do you mean cast a spell? he asked” what is a spell?. You can imagine a village boy’s reaction when I told him that a spell is like a witchcraft designed to do something good off course at that moment that was in my understanding. He responded, isn’t that black magic staff, why would you think of something like that?. Then I told him that I think I am a witch off course that is how I can put it. Any way that is a the day I felt inside me something telling me I can do things that none other can. I started doing research on my own regarding the dark art healing questions I wanted to understand, so that I could discover if possibly I was in fact a dark magic developer then what kind of a witch I was. 
It didn’t pass a week I stated practice magic, you can picture a young boy with no prior knowledge regarding any witch business practising dark spells, I din’t know where exactly to begin or what should I be solving. So I started asking my  self questions, I would write a question on the paper then next morning I would start decorating the solution. I remember well my first self set problem to solve was how to make someone love me. It scared me to imagine such thing but after a while I was okay and started using my imaginations and deeper spiritual warming to alter spiritual related problems. Years passed, I became old boy and by the age of 24 I had written over 300 pages of witchery casting formulas in vernacular language, it is until the age of 28 I was recognised as the most reliable East African Love Healing Witch. Why love you may ask, because since it began I was mostly interested in resolving love problems. Today I can count about 6700 problems in total resolved by my own hands, this includes long distance healing and home curse removal and more deep dark energy related problems like financial spiritual remedy.
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